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Actuarial Certificates


A.S.A.P. implements a highly advanced, easy-to-use process to provide our actuarial certificates. Our intuitive entry form screens your inputs in real time, ensuring that you receive an accurate tax-exempt percentage quicker than ever before! Led by our in-house actuary, Jim Hennington (who produced his first certificate in 1995), our team have over 5 years experience processing certificates, and are available to provide technical support when required.

S390 Certificates

A proportion of the income of a complying superannuation fund can be exempt from income tax under section 295.390 of the Income Tax Assessment Act. This section of the Act applies to the unsegregated pool of assets in the fund.

Where a fund contains unsegregated retirement phase assets, the exempt proportion of income for the fund’s tax return is equal to:

Average value of unsegregated current retirement phase liabilities / Average value of unsegregated superannuation liabilities

The value of these liabilities must be specified by an Actuary in an Actuary’s certificate obtained by the trustee before the date for lodgement of the fund’s income tax return. All A.S.A.P. actuarial certificates are prepared in accordance with Guidance Note 451 issued by the Actuaries Institute and other relevant professional standards.


A.S.A.P. are pleased to integrate with the following accounting platforms to provide users with an intuitive, cost-effective and fast actuarial certificate service. Our integrations allow users to seamlessly pre-fill A.S.A.P.’s actuarial certificate form from their platform with just the click of a button.



Click here for instructions on how to access A.S.A.P. via your Class platform.



Click here for instructions on how to access A.S.A.P. via your Simple Fund 360 platform.

How to Order

The A.S.A.P. Actuarial Certificate order process consists of the following easy steps:

  1. Launch a certificate order from your dashboard (once you have created a free account with us)
  2. Fill out the order form
  3. Review the system notes and approve all assumptions. You may be required to provide further comment for A.S.A.P. staff when prompted.
  4. Select a payment method
  5. Receive your final certificate*

*Some scenarios may require further clarification. In this scenario, A.S.A.P. staff will be in contact within 3 hours of the initial order.

Pricing Structure

For s390 certificates, A.S.A.P. charge using a tiered system. Actuarial certificates start at just $89 +GST. For more information on pricing click here.

For high volume clients, corporate rates can be negotiated with our sales staff. Contact us directly on 03 6240 1575 or info@asap-advice.com.au for more information.

How to Pay

Actuarial Certificate orders can either be paid by credit card at the time of ordering or invoiced to the accounting firm, clients, or their SMSF. Amendments can be processed free of charge as long as the original certificate reference is quoted on the order payment screen.

A.S.A.P. invoices can be paid using the in-built credit card facility or by bank transfer (using the Australia Post POLi system). Payment is due 14 days from the invoice issue date.


If you have any queries or require more information, please call the A.S.A.P. support team on 03 6240 1575.