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Welcome to the Accountants Scaled Advice Platform

A.S.A.P. is like referring your clients to a financial planner but from the comfort of your office. 

Top quality Statements of Advice are generated by our digital advice engine, reviewed and signed by our advisers then issued under our license. 

Industry leaders in digital advice and actuarial services

Who is A.S.A.P. for?

Accounting firms who take licensing laws seriously

SMSF accountants who are too busy to become licensed advisers, but want to stay in control of the client relationship

Self-managed trustees who don’t want a full-service financial planner

A.S.A.P. Rule of Thumb

“Before you help any client to implement or administer a financial product transaction, ensure you have an SoA on file”

Types Of Advice

A.S.A.P. delivers transactional product advice for the following client scenarios:

  • Starting or winding up an SMSF
  • Rollovers into an SMSF
  • Starting or commuting a pension
  • Additional contributions
  • Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements (LRBAs)

ASIC Regulated

ASIC is committed to encourage digital innovation.  A.S.A.P. have been fortunate to receive regulatory assistance from the ASIC innovation hub.


A.S.A.P. complies with the ASIC cyber risk and information security standards set out in RG 255. All client data is stored in Australia.

Reduced costs

Incorporates the latest digital advice technology to drive down the cost of licensed financial advice.

Integrates with your processes

Integrates tightly with accountants’ accounting processes to make the referral as fast and seamless as possible.


Our pricing model is simple and covers most transactional Statements of Advice (SoAs).

Should more complex advice be required we will discuss your clients needs with you.


Additional fee per rollover
  • Additional price per rollover (excl GST)
  • Covers the cost of gathering information from the rollover fund (including insurance cover, expense details and any valuable benefits that might be lost)
  • 1-3 day turnaround (from receiving all required info)

Advantages of A.S.A.P.

  • Purpose-built for unlicensed accountants
  • No license saves minimum $20,000+ per year
    (License fees, PI insurance, hours lost to CPD, writing SoAs, reporting to ASIC etc)
  • Unlicensed accountants can still give tax advice and compliance advice without it being via a formal written advice process.
  • Clients can opt for a tight, low-cost scope of advice to suit their needs
  • Our SoA helps and protects the client, and mitigates legal risk for the accountant
  • Fully respects your client relationship
  • Strict privacy and data protection policies
  • Digital advice, delivered remotely, causes minimal disruption to the client relationship

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Here’s what accountants say about A.S.A.P….

We find A.S.A.P.’s digital advice platform easy to use with minimal disruption to our operations. I especially liked that Jim and the team were flexible enough to liase with me directly to provide a more in-depth piece of advice for one of our more complicated client scenarios

Joshua Haque

Senior Manager, Pitcher Partners (WA)

We’re really happy with A.S.A.P.  It slots in to provide the product advice we can no longer give and allows our firm to focus on our specialist tax and compliance advisory services.

Garry Charlesworth

Senior Accountant, Argyle Professionals

Thank you for the excellent service.  We have used A.S.A.P. a number of times and referred you to many other accountants as it is a top service that fixes a major problem faced by all public accountants.

Simon Nielsen

Partner, Ellenbrook Tax & Accounting

A.S.A.P. gives us a safe structure and process we can use when clients want to discuss potential SMSF transactions.  The new ASIC changes mean our accountants are covered with A.S.A.P.’s easy to use interface, and at $250 per SoA – we use it every time a client wants to discuss a transaction that we would help to implement – such as starting or commuting a SMSF pension.

Craig Stevens

Managing Partner, BDO Tasmania

A.S.A.P has developed an online SOA solution that allows non AFSL accountants to deliver SMSF services on an execution only basis. If you are wary of the high fees financial planners want to prepare an SOA; have done your homework and realise the cost, time and effort to become licenced is not worth your while – I strongly suggest you look at the A.S.A.P model.

Robert Lopez

CPA, Midvale Tax

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